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Whether it be keeping owners informed or providing marketing solutions our clients are provided with the best possible solution to fit their needs.  Our services include video and media solutions ranging from jump outs to track work and yearling promotional videos, owner communication (Mistable, Ardex, Stablesmart), website content management & social media, racing management (programming, speed maps, jockey bookings etc).

At Thoroughcomm our philosophy is simple - using the latest technology we are all about providing high quality and comprehensive thoroughbred media solutions across all mediums to industry participants.  Through our range of products and services that include high quality video production equipment, thoroughbred owners and industry participants across Australia are kept up to date and informed about all things happening in racing.

See below for product examples...

Jump outs and trackwork videos
  • Trial video footage for owners at the click of a button - see actual example below.

Promotional and yearling videos
  • Yearlings Videos - Looking to market a horse or just give your owners something extra? Check out our affordable range of products available - tailor what you want and we can do it.





  • Stable promo videos -




  • Open day Video example -

Media and Communication Solutions

Owner Communications:

  • Regular audio, video and photo updates for horses in training including:
    • All training information
    • Race plans in relation to the horse/s progress and preparation
    • All official and unofficial trial/jump-out information and updates (including video where possible)
    • Pre and Post Race Reports
    • Speed mapping and race analysis
  • Spelling including photos and video
  • Stable newsletters and promotional material

Racing Management:


  • Jockey bookings
  • Race programming
  • Speed Mapping and Race Analysis - Tactics...
  • RISA Management - noms, acc and scr


Website Content and Social Media Marketing:

Keep your website up to date and at the forefront of social media marketing:

  • Website content management
  • Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, Vimeo, LinkedIn, Instagram



Race day Video example -