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BlueBlood Thoroughbreds are leading racehorse syndication specialists that offer affordable horse racing syndicates shares. Even if you have never owned a race horse before, you can be part of the action with our thoroughbred syndicates. Taking part in horse racing and buying a thoroughbred racehorse share is a great investment when it's done with an Australian licensed company such as ours. Our horses are trained by some of the best trainers, so that those who become a part of our horse syndicates can have a better chance of winning at the track.

Thoroughcomm is the chosen provider of yearling promotional videos for BlueBlood Thoroughbreds and have assisted them in putting together packages to assist in the selling of yearling purchases made at the various sales throughout Australia and New Zealand (see example below).

Thoroughcomm are now also producing selected race day footage for BlueBlood Thoroughbreds giving all owners an up close and personal experience even if they are unable to attend on race day (see example below).