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Information for Trainers

Ever wondered how much additional time you could devote to training if you could streamline your communication, marketing and media to owners? No need to worry about employing someone to do it - TCS can help!

Do you want to increase owner satisfaction through the provision of high quality communication without investing any additional time or employing a communication manager? Do you want help to promote your business and your product through high quality videos?

Our service is about making life easier for you and your stable.  Through a streamlined process in less than 30 minutes we can run through every horse in your stable and obtain all the information we need to provide a product to your owners that is accurate, informative and personable.

Your owners can be assured that they’ll receive the best quality information in a consistent and timely fashion, whilst you and your stable get back that precious time that is currently spent communicating to owners.
TCS will:

  • Facilitate a streamlined communication channel to allow verbal updates from trainers, reducing the time and effort required by stables to communicate and report on to owners; one contact, one channel, once a week
  • Visit track work regularly to obtain the information first-hand
  • Provide the latest information to owners through regular weekly reporting, including pre and post race updates
  • Provide owners with additional value through services such as photos, video, text messaging and audio files
  • Monitor nominations, weights and acceptance information and provide to the owner in weekly reports
  • Provide other valuable thoroughbred and industry information to the owner through quarterly newsletter (news, current affairs, events, promotions)

TCS is a confidential service that provides information to owners, only in relation to their horse. The TCS team work under the core values and probity that is required in the thoroughbred industry and we strive to be the best at what we do whilst remaining professional and diligent at all times.