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At Thoroughcomm our philosophy is simple - using the latest technology we are all about providing high quality and comprehensive thoroughbred media solutions across all mediums to industry participants.  Through our range of products and services that include high quality video production equipment, thoroughbred owners and industry participants across Australia are kept up to date and informed about all things happening in racing. Whether it be keeping owners informed or providing marketing solutions our clients are provided with the best possible solution to fit their needs.  Our services include owner communication, website content management & social media, racing management (programming, speed maps, jockey bookings etc), video and media production ranging from jump outs to track work and yearling promotional videos

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Rohan Goodwin

In 2010, Thorougcomm was founded and commenced operation with Rohan joining the team as an independent consultant and videographer. After a change of operations in 2016 Rohan took control of Thoroughcomm and is now the driving force behind the quickly expanding business.

Thoroughcomm is the chosen provider for Jump Out Footage for the Melbourne Racing Club (Caulfield and Mornington), the Victoria Racing Club and Pakenham Racing Club, with all jump outs filmed on high quality equipment and software. Thoroughcomm can also provide a flexible and affordable video update service that anyone in the industry can take advantage of. Whether it be an update for owners of their horse working on the track (footage of gallops) or stables and syndicators looking to use the electronic and social media mediums to market a horse.

A keen thoroughbred owner and racing industry enthusiast Rohan also understands the value owners place on knowing how their horse is progressing, what the plan is from week to week and receiving regular updates about their horse’s general health and wellbeing. Through his own experience and networks within the industry Rohan has come to understand that racing stables often have limited time and resources to devote to owner communication. Throughcomm bridges that gap between owners and stables, enhancing the experience of owning a race horse by providing that little bit extra, and improving owner satisfaction.

Rohan understands that trainers and professionals in the industry have a need for high quality communication, transparency and valuable information and with the introduction of website development and management it is just one area thoroughcomm has branched out to since its inception.